Emma Cranston


I'm a first year at Scripps and loving it. Most of my time is divided between schoolwork, rugby, and my job at Denison Library during the year. I love being active, promoting worthy ideas, and math and technology.

Eventually, I hope to pursue a degree in Mathematical Economics, or, perhaps, Computer Science. I'm not sure what I want to do with either of those, but I do know that they're things I like to do. I love problem solving and finding creative solutions to difficult issues.

As for my professional experience, I have interned and worked at several places: 2011-2012- Employee, cashier and sandwich maker, Jimmy John's Inc. 2010- Intern at Russ Feingold's campaign office; 2011- Intern at Marquette University with Alan Ball, indexing microfiche files; 2008-2011- Skating teacher, ages 5-12;

For both my internships, I had to have a working knowledge of computers and technology. As a skating teacher and Jimmy John's employee I learned valuable leadership skills as well as enough patience to become a cat shepherd.