Alicen Lewis


I am a self-professed Los Angeles based feminist geek sophomore at Scripps who lives her life just as fully digitally as she does in the physical world. As a Psychology Major/Digital Media Studies Minor, I am looking forward to studying how psychology applies to the realm of the online. My current occupation is as an Instructional Technology Assistant for IT-FITS, the Information Technology - Faculty Instructional Technology Support program at Scripps ( I love examining how social media, blogs, youtube, etc. can be used as forums for opening up dialogue about various social issues, as well as spreading awareness and messages. I use my own blog, as both an open journal about my daily life, as well as a place to sometimes spout my own opinions and ask for feeback. I’m still learning how to write for an audience, so the posts are very rough, but I enjoy exploring new writing styles and how to best reach and connect with an audience. It is a constantly evolving process, both with my own development and the changing of the internet.