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"I'm Afraid"

September eleventh was the day
America was hit, in a different way.
Planes, chaos, unwanted death
We sat in horror, and lost our breath.
Like many of us, I sat in sorrow
Hoping, praying, for a better tomorrow.
As I watched the media, I watched the debate
Fostering fear, fostering hate.
The President speaks in bloodthirsty terms
Vermin, scum, cowards, worms.
Invoking God in shameful prose
More death to come, the future knows.
The loss of life, is seen as tactical
While healing is seen as impractical.
The foreign policy of the United States
Has inflicted terror without rebates.
We've abused and attacked people's humanity
Used bombs and sanctions with Superpower vanity.
The world is suffering, the world is in pain
But the pain is seen, as a zero sum gain.
Let's ask the right questions, let's search for truth
Let's do it for love, and not for proof.
Our children need us, they need to know
Ignorance can kill, ignorance can grow.
What have we done? What have we made?
That's why I sit, I sit afraid.


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